Backpacking PocketMod

Download a PocketMod template with useful information for hikers and backpackers

I designed a backpacking PocketMod with useful information for hikers and backpackers, including:

  • Compass instructions
  • How to start a fire without matches
  • How to “make” water
  • Lists of the ten essentials (both the classic and updated versions)
  • A two-inch ruler
  • Graph paper with 0.125″ × 0.125″ squares to help with measurements
  • Length, area, capacity, weight, and temperature conversions
  • Room to specify emergency contact information and emergency medical details (allergies, medications, etc.)
  • A magnetic declination map (on the back of the page)
  • A table of USGS map scale conversions (on the back of the page)

Page Previews

Print the PDF with the “actual size,” “print on both sides,” and “flip on long edge” settings (or similar) selected. Then fold the PocketMod.

PocketMod Folding Instructions

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